All about Halogen light bulbs!

Let’s take a look at the Halogen family of light bulbs. They are actually a type of incandescent Lamp, but with certain characteristics that make them superior to standard incandescent lamps. Namely, they offer good brightness and white light output and longer life for the most part. Due to their thin filament they produce more light than the thicker filaments found in standard incandescent lamps. The result is a brighter and whiter light. They are available in 12 volt designs (requiring transformers) and also in normal line voltage (not requiring transformers). The standard 120 volt line voltage types therefore are good choices for direct replacement of incandscent bulbs. In the low voltage category, 12 volt MR-16 types deliver crisp white light commonly used in track lighting with transformers and other 12 volt applications such as landscape lighting, etc.

Typically, when upgrading from standard incandescent bulbs to halogen you can use a lower wattage to get equal light. This provides energy savings (reduced electrical costs). They also provide longer life than most standard incandescent bulbs. The color of halogen light is usually about 3000K which is just slightly cooler than standard incandescent which is approx. 2700-2800K (degress Kelvin). Even so, they are still considered a “warm” color.

Halogen lamps also provide a unique extra feature. They do not depreciate in light output over life like standard incandescent lamps. At end of life, they remain almost as bright as when they were first installed. This is due to what is called the halogen cycle which acts like a self cleaning mechanism.  Just like incandescent lamps, halogen lamps can also be dimmed.

Halogen lamps come in all shapes and sizes for many applications and are a good choice for crisp, white light where needed. They are certainly a better choice than standard incandescent lamps. At WhatWatt we offer a complete line of halogen lamps to meet your needs.

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